Surveying trees for bat roosts from the ground can be extremely difficult and can often lead to inconclusive results, following a series of dusk and dawn watches. As an alternative, aerial climbing surveys are fast becoming the most popular method for assessing bat roost suitability. The technique allows for close up inspection of features which are impossible to assess from the ground  and can often lead to a definitive presence / absence result. This can also prove to be extremely cost effective. Climbing surveys can  be undertaken at any time of the year and are not restricted to the main active period for bats (typically May to September).

Some bat species in the UK rely almost exclusively on trees for suitable roosting spaces. Many others will use tree roosts infrequently, or at specific times of the year. All bats and their roosts in the UK are strictly protected by law and this includes those found in trees.

Jenny has an NPTC Level 2 qualification and is fully licensed and insured to carry out climbing surveys. She has surveyd all across Scotland has has experience of climbing on a number of major development projects. Surveys are typically carried out in conjunction with a network of other suitably qualified climbers in the local area.


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